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Easily Forgotten Wedding Details


A wedding day can be just as nerve-racking for the bridesmaid as it is for the bride. To each bridesmaid the pressure of the role will vary, but if it’s your first time, making sure you do all the right things at the right times can be daunting. It is inevitable that certain smaller details can slip through the cracks. Making a list early and ticking off each detail is important to ensure they aren’t overlooked.

Directions and signs

You don’t want guests getting lost at the wedding let alone on their way to the venue. If you spell it out to them on the invitations they’re more likely to arrive on time. Making sure they know the right path to the function, or where the bathrooms are at the venue are quite important. Place some signs around the venue so guests know they’re on the right path.

Bouquet accessories

Personalising yours and your bridesmaid bouquets with unique accessories to match the wedding theme can complete each outfit. From delicate ribbons to vintage lace or the bouquet stems wrapped with greenery, each accessory can be important. Depending on the theme and your style, an attached locket or brooch to the bouquet can add deeper meaning to the bunch of flowers.

Weather plans

No matter where your wedding is, planning for various unexpected weather events such as rain, wind, cold and heat, is a pretty big detail. Discussing these options with the venue can avoid any disruption and discomfort to the day. This could include back up plans such as having a marquee instead of in the open or having an indoor rooms as back up. If you have a wedding planner, this will have been discussed and pre-empted very early on.

Specific guest dietary requirements

Various dietary requirements can pose a complicated situation for menu decisions. It can range from vegan, vegetarian, dairy and gluten free and any allergies. Ensuring you know well in advance of making any final menu decisions is vital. There’s no one correct way to approach the topic but asking for details on the response cards is a simple start.

On-the-day helpers

As we all know, the wedding day can be a whirlwind event where you may not get enough time to chat to certain family members or make sure everyone is happy. Support from friends and family throughout the day can be a lifesaver to help things run smoothly. Some common wedding responsibilities can include gathering guests for photographs, helping guests to find their seat and helping with gifts.

The Morning of Your Wedding


A wedding day can be just as nerve-racking for the bridesmaid as it is for the bride. To each bridesmaid the pressure of the role will vary, but if it’s your first time, making sure you do all the right things at the right times can be daunting. So ensuring you have the most relaxing and glamorous wedding morning is the only way to start the day. On the morning of the most important day of your life, it is worth taking that extra time to make sure it runs along smoothly.

Choose a stylish pre-gown outfit

On the morning of the wedding it’s essential that you look and feel good! A current theme trending is for bridesmaids wearing matching outfits, such as floral dressing gowns. This glamorous matching look can kick off the day, but also ease the bride into the gown.

Serve decadent food and drink

The morning is best spent with your girlfriends eating light delicious food, and enjoying a glass of champagne. Hydrating and eating in the morning can set a good base for the rest of the long day ahead. Depending on the time you’ll be getting ready, this might be for breakfast, brunch, lunch or just snacks to keep energy levels up. The same can be done for drinks, if you prefer. Create a DIY mimosa bar with fruit slices or pretty stirrers.

Make sure it’s stress free

Ensuring that the morning runs along smoothly can be a combination of things including, a clutter-free and tidy room or location, or only a small number of people. While you don’t want an empty space, little visual distractions can make for better getting ready photographs.

Timelines are key

Getting ready with your most vibrant and fun friends and family can cause time to fly by. Making sure you, as the bride, do whatever it is to make you feel energised and glowing for the wedding. This could include a yoga session or a brisk walk, maybe even fitting in time with family.

Raise a toast and have fun

This is obviously an important aspect of the day. Having fun in the beginning can set up for a relaxing day that will be one of the many memories.

How To Pull Off A Surprise Wedding

Braided chiffon bridal chairs by Harlow Garland

Braided chiffon bridal chairs by Harlow Garland

Pulling off any surprise party is never easy, but when it is a surprise wedding you can be sure it will be even more difficult. One of the hardest parts of planning a surprise party is keeping the surprise element under wraps while ensuring everyone you love is going to attend. To help you with the planning process, here are our top tips for how to pull off a successful surprise wedding.

Keep It A Secret

First and foremost when planning a surprise wedding is to of course keep it a secret. To help with this, we recommend telling as few people as possible. You may choose to tell your and your partner’s parents or even just keep the secret to the two of you.

Create A Cover Event

To ensure a successful turnout from your friends and family, it is a good idea to decide on a creative cover event. You could say that the event is to celebrate a milestone birthday, anniversary or even a faux engagement party. These are important events that your friends and family would likely want to attend.

Send Detailed Invitations

With your wedding being a surprise from your guests it is important to communicate detailed information about the occasion to ensure that everyone arrives on time. To help with this, you may want to specify on your invites that the event will have surprise entertainment and guests should arrive by a certain time to ensure that they can enjoy it all.

Inform Your Vendors

You want to be sure to inform your vendors that your wedding is going to be a surprise to your guests. The last thing you would want would be for one of your waiters to accidently say something regarding the ceremony in front of a guest before the surprise has been revealed!

Hire A Wedding Planner

If you are planning a surprise party, we recommend you look into also hiring a wedding planner. Hiring a wedding planner can eliminate any stress that may be created by adding the surprise element to your wedding. Here at Harlow Garland we are experienced wedding planners that can help to bring your dream vision to life.

Be Aware Of The Cons

When planning a surprise party you want to be sure that you are aware of any cons that come along with it. It is possible that your family and close friends may feel upset that they were not more involved in the wedding planning process. One way to navigate this, is to plan some time with your family or close friends after the wedding to show them that they are still a priority to you and that you appreciate their support on your wedding day.

How To: The Basics of Mismatched Bridesmaids

Image by Kate Little for Harlow Garland, bridesmaid attire by Alannah Hill, Wedding gown by Vinka Design, Hair by Inspired Hair

Image by Kate Little for Harlow Garland, bridesmaid attire by Alannah Hill, Wedding gown by Vinka Design, Hair by Inspired Hair

Having to decide on a bridesmaid dress that the entire of your bridal party will love as much as you do can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, the trend of mismatched outfits is becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re considering letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses, it can take a lot of unnecessary stress off your shoulders, as well as making sure everyone is happy and confident. However, the mismatched trend can also come with a variety of challenges in regards to ensuring your bridal party doesn’t turn up looking disjointed.

Follow our quick tips and options on following the trend to make sure you and your bridesmaids still have uniformity – you still want everyone to look like part of your bridal party in the end!

Mismatched Dress

Having each of your bridesmaids in a different style of dress ensures that each of them are dressed in a way that is flattering to their own body type. Often when having different dress styles, the bridal party decides to have all dresses in the same colour, this helps to ensure a cohesive outcome. Differing the dress styles is a sure way to please your whole bridal party – especially because there is a better chance that they will want to wear the dress again!

Mismatched Colour

Having an array of colours in the same dress style is one of the most popular ways to follow the mismatched bridesmaids trend. Keep it balanced by staying in the same colour family or complementary colours, the likes of lush tones of royal purples or pastel peach. Opt for a colour that fits with the rest of your wedding and décor for ultimate wedding consistency.

Mismatched Dress and Colour

If you are wanting to go all the way in the mismatched trend, try mismatching your bridesmaids dress style as well as the dress colour. However, keep in mind that this can be overwhelming and may look disjointed. Try to keep some aspects similar, maybe you want to have all dresses the same length or of similar fabrics.

Mismatched Accessories

If you’re not compeletly sold on the mismatched trend, keep it more subtle by mismatching hairstyles, shoes or accessories and keeping the dress style and colours the same. This is the perfect option if you are wanting to go for the more traditional bridesmaids style while still keeping on trend and contemporary.


Set up a Pinterest board with all your bridesmaid inspiration. This way your bridal party can see and understand the dress styles that you like as well as colour palettes. Pinterest is an effect way to give subtly direction and guidelines while also providing your bridesmaids with more freedom.

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#FridayFlorals: Floral Wedding Gowns

For today's installment of #FridayFlorals, we thought we'd take a different tack and showcase floral wedding gowns, an alternative for the bride who isn't too keen on white or is planning an exquisite garden wedding.

Many bridal designers have been showcasing some truly stunning floral gowns this season inclusing the incredible Carolina Herrera with a focus on soft, pastel tones and soft, subtle watercolour prints.

Some have chosen a slightly different route and have incorporated your 'something blue' by opting for a chinoiserie style print either as the main focus or as an underlay on the skirt so you catch a glimpse as the bride walks the aisle.

The benefit of choosing a floral gown is that you'll not only stand out among a sea of white and have a truly unique gown but you'll also likely save a pretty penny considering you don't need to limit yourself to bridal collections.

Many eventwear stockists may have just what you need or alternatively, you can take a bridal pattern to a dressmaker to have your perfect gown crafted out of your chosen fabric - which will be dramatically less expensive than anything in the realm of bridal fabrics. You can also usually get away with calling it a 'ballgown' and not having the added 'bridal' markup added to your creation.

Floral gowns can still be paired with traditional veils so aren't a complete escape from the classic bride yet do allow you far more options in regards to accessories and bridesmaid attire.

Perfect for the unconventional bride!