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Creating Your Perfect Bouquet

Traditionally, wedding bouquets were seen as a symbol of luck and fertility and tossing the bouquet was meant to spread that luck to others. Today, wedding bouquets are a way to show self-expression and enhance the weddings style.

Creating your bouquet is one wedding detail that you should definitely not overlook. It is the main accessory to accompany your beautiful gown and will appear in all of your photographs - so it is important that you love it. As simple as it may seem, when creating your bouquet there is more to think about than just the type of flowers and what colours they are.

To help you, we have put together a basic guide for creating your perfect bouquet for your special day.

Gather Inspiration

When you first begin to create your perfect bouquet it is a good idea to collect images of different bouquets that you like to help you identify and understand the trends, styles, colours and flowers that you like best. Pinterest is a great tool for this.

Bouquet Style

Choosing your bouquets style is an essential part of the bouquet decision process. There are no set rules for styles but you may want to keep the proportions in mind so that it suits your figure as well as your dress. Your bouquet should not overpower you nor be too small. For example, a cascading bouquet may overwhelm a petite bride. For more information all about vast styles of bouquets, head over to our blog post on discovering your bouquet style.

Colour Scheme

The colour of your bouquet is another important element as you don’t want the colour of your bouquet to clash with the rest of your wedding colours. We also recommend not having too many different bright colours within your bouquet so that it does not stand out too much in your photographs. Instead, have a mixture of neutrals and colour to keep your bouquet balanced. It is best to talk to your florist about which hues they recommend using to complement your wedding colours.

Have It Reflect Your Wedding Style

Adding small details to your bouquet can help to bring your wedding style together. Brides often opt for fabric to tie around the flower stems that fits with their wedding style. For a more rustic styled wedding, twine is a popular and effective choice.

Keep It Seasonal

Like anything, flowers are best when they are in season. Having seasonal flowers will ensure that your bouquet looks its best throughout the entirety of your special day in person as well as when it its photographed. For a summer wedding, take a look at our Seasonal Summer Flower Guide.

Here at Harlow Garland, for your bridal bouquet whatever you wish, we can create it.

Friday Florals: Herbs

After a morning spent at the flower market picking out blooms for a special project we have coming up on Monday, we were reminded how herbs invigorate the senses and so for today's #fridayflorals installment, we're talking Herbs!

Not only will using herbs in lieu (or to complement a minimal selection) of flowers save your budget dramatically, but they'll also provide a fragrant, unique decor addition and have a myriad of uses both during and after the wedding.

We've collected a gallery of images to inspire you with some of the many ways herbs can be incorporated into your big day.

Use potted herbs alongside compote and vase arrangements or a low garland runner to create stunning, fragrant table decor. (Even allowing the guests to add some to their meal!)

Bay garlands make stunning additions to tables, your sweetheart chairs or to accent draping.

Opt for herb infused ice cubes or water to lend invigorating flavour to simple water.

Offer herb infused olive oil bottles as favours.

Add a sprig of rosemary or olive leaf to your table settings.

Tie bay leaves around candles and fasten with twine or ribbon.

Offer rosemary butter biscuits or similar herb-infused treats as favours for your guests.

Use herbs to decorate your cake in an inexpensive yet dramatic fashion.

Use herbs for your boutonnieres and never worry about blooms bruising in the heat. If you use lavender or jasmine, you'll also calm any wedding day jitters.

Use herbs in your wedding bouquets, corsages and crowns.

Make a bridal crown or Laurenl Wreath from stalks of Rosemary.

Use potted herbs in your table decor and offer them as favours for guests to take home or take them home yourselves to create a useful herb garden in your newlywed home.

OFfer your guests a stalk of Rosemary with their ceremony programme and have them slide the leaves off in one movement to create biodegradable confetti or leave intact as herbal 'wands' marking your path through the recessional. Another option is to walk down the aisle sans bouquet and have your guests hand these stalks back to you during the recessional to create a bouquet reflecting the love and well-wishes of your guests as your first act as a married couple.

Add herbs to placecards for an inexpensive yet effective impact.

We hope you'll incorporate herbs into your wedding day, they're such an effective way to cut costs while still providing fragrance, beauty and organic elegance for your big day.

Remember too that Harlow Garland's florals department, 'HG Blooms' is is ready and excited to help you achieve your dream wedding bouquet or floral decor with our expert floral styling tailored entirely to you.

Friday Florals: Peach Takeover

Working on a project for a client at present, we've become a bit obsessed with the peach palettes and especially peach peonies we've been encountering. We thought this Friday, since it's Labour Weekend, we'd keep it simple and show you a few of our favourite uses of peach through your wedding florals. We love how vibrant yet elegant and understated peach flowers are and peonies with their feminine, graceful appeal are the perfect wedding flower.

And remember, that Harlow Garland's florals department, HG Blooms is ready and excited to help you achieve your dream wedding bouquet or floral decor with our expert floral styling tailored entirely to you.

We also think that some peach peonies would look amazing tucked into bouquets like these to the right to complement the periwinkle blues, lavenders and dusty hay hues of the thistle and straw.

Flower Crown Inspiration

The wonderful @lenephotography shot this photo of a stunning flower crown and we adore it! Those thistles are such a fantastic feature! 

We used thistles in our Industrial Winter shoot bouquets alongside lavender, moss, twigs and other unique blooms for a wide array of complementary textures and hues. Don't just opt for the tried and true when designing your bouquet, with such a rich selection of unique blooms, your bouquet or flower crown can be something truly one-of-a-kind!

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