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Easily Forgotten Wedding Details


A wedding day can be just as nerve-racking for the bridesmaid as it is for the bride. To each bridesmaid the pressure of the role will vary, but if it’s your first time, making sure you do all the right things at the right times can be daunting. It is inevitable that certain smaller details can slip through the cracks. Making a list early and ticking off each detail is important to ensure they aren’t overlooked.

Directions and signs

You don’t want guests getting lost at the wedding let alone on their way to the venue. If you spell it out to them on the invitations they’re more likely to arrive on time. Making sure they know the right path to the function, or where the bathrooms are at the venue are quite important. Place some signs around the venue so guests know they’re on the right path.

Bouquet accessories

Personalising yours and your bridesmaid bouquets with unique accessories to match the wedding theme can complete each outfit. From delicate ribbons to vintage lace or the bouquet stems wrapped with greenery, each accessory can be important. Depending on the theme and your style, an attached locket or brooch to the bouquet can add deeper meaning to the bunch of flowers.

Weather plans

No matter where your wedding is, planning for various unexpected weather events such as rain, wind, cold and heat, is a pretty big detail. Discussing these options with the venue can avoid any disruption and discomfort to the day. This could include back up plans such as having a marquee instead of in the open or having an indoor rooms as back up. If you have a wedding planner, this will have been discussed and pre-empted very early on.

Specific guest dietary requirements

Various dietary requirements can pose a complicated situation for menu decisions. It can range from vegan, vegetarian, dairy and gluten free and any allergies. Ensuring you know well in advance of making any final menu decisions is vital. There’s no one correct way to approach the topic but asking for details on the response cards is a simple start.

On-the-day helpers

As we all know, the wedding day can be a whirlwind event where you may not get enough time to chat to certain family members or make sure everyone is happy. Support from friends and family throughout the day can be a lifesaver to help things run smoothly. Some common wedding responsibilities can include gathering guests for photographs, helping guests to find their seat and helping with gifts.