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The Bridal Shower

While the Hen's Night is often a raucous cacophany of shrill party antics, the Bridal Shower is a more elegant and restrained events designed to give the Bride gifts to help her within her marriage. The tradition stems from days when the Bride was expected to provide a dowry to her husband; other women from the family would give the Bride gifts to give as her dowry.

For today's post, we thought we'd hark back to days since past and look at the history and superstitions behind the Bridal Shower.


The gifts at a bridal shower are surrounded with superstition. The first gift a Bride-to-be opens is the first gift she must use after marriage, for good luck. Whoever gave the Bride the third gift she opens will be the next person to get pregnant. It's considered terrible luck to use any of the bridal shower gifts before marriage. All gifts must be packed away to avoid using them before the wedding ceremony.

Ribbon Bouquet for Luck

The Maid of Honour will collect the ribbons and bows as the Bride opens gifts. These bows are attached to a paper plate (or more recently, pre-fabricated bouquet bases) to make a ribbon bouquet. The bouquet is presented to the Bride after the shower. If the Bride uses this bouquet at the rehearsal dinner she will have luck throughout her marriage.

Ribbon Breaking

Every ribbon the Bride breaks represents one child born into the marriage. The Maid of Honour will keep track of the number of broken ribbons and show the number to the room later. This superstition is more fun when the Bride is unaware of it and breaks many bows as the Maid of Honour secretly keeps count.

Invitations and Gifts

Invitations are always mailed to guests, as opposed to emails or phone invitations. The Bride will write thank-you cards immediately after the celebration. A prepared Maid of Honour will purchase a package of thank-you cards and present them to the Bride at the end of the party to make writing the notes simpler and faster.

Harlow Garland Featured in Bride and Groom Magazine

We are beyond ecstatic to finally be able to share with you the gorgeous 4 page spread of our Industrial Winter styled shoot as featured in the latest issue of NZ Bride and Groom Magazine! 

We've been keeping it under wraps the last few weeks and we're positively bursting with excitement now that it's finally here. 

One of our images also made the contents page for a close-up gorgeous early intro to the shoot.

We wanted to take the time to again thank our amazing suppliers: 

The Pretty Prop Shop, Vinka Design, Kate Little Photography, Meagan Rawlings Makeup Artist, Robyn Munro from Inspired Hair, Alannah Hill, Munns, Ponsonby Central, The Great Hiring Company, The Studio of Tableware, Create + Curate Design Studio and our gorgeous, wonderful models for being a part of this incredibly fun shoot!

Our vision truly came to life through Kate's lens and we are so overjoyed to have it feature so prominently in NZ Bride and Groom Magazine. 

Allow us to bring your dream wedding vision to life!

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Here Comes #Truelovethursdays

We're feeling all a bit swoony of late so we thought we'd start‪ #‎truelovethursdays , sharing a classic movie quote each Thursday to get your hearts all aflutter. 
Here's today's flashback to 1957 with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in "An Affair to Remember" x
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