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Venue Spotlight: The Sapphire Room

Image shot on location at The Sapphire Room for Harlow Garland by Kate Little Photography

You'd be forgiven for missing The Sapphire Room on a routine wander through Ponsonby Central yet atop an unassuming staircase in the heart of the market, you'll find two grand red doors leading into our favourite new Auckland venue. 

Apart from the exposed beams, the reclaimed wood floor and the stunning industrial features, The Sapphire Room's charm is in the many ways it can be used. The room can be used as a whole with the fixed bar / kitchen at one end and the expansive space in between allowing for a substantial dining set up or perhaps with the small room to the left of the entrance serving as a cocktail bar or VIP area with the main area set up for the ceremony and later, for dancing and mingling with day beds and decor, the large sliding barn door closed until the big reveal come dinnertime when the barn door slides open, giving guests a glimpse at the stunning dining set-up and open kitchen.

With so many spaces and a fully functioning kitchen and additional prep area, The Sapphire Room is a canvas awaiting your personal touch. 

We loved styling it for our Industrial Winter shoot as shown in this month's Bride and Groom Magazine. The exposed beams make for the perfect anchor for your opulent draping and the chicken wire roofcover is ideal for affixing additional decor like the Edison bulb festoon lights we hung to complement our draping. 

Go for a Virtual Walkthrough here or contact Daniel to take a real tour today!

Styling: Make it Simple but Significant

Wedding styling need not be a daunting or expensive task. Sourcing a venue which does the bulk of the work for you is a true blessing and one that works especially well for destination weddings. 

This historical Hacienda on the lush grounds of Hacienda Sac Chich, Casa de Maquinas in Mexico is one such example. With its rich history worn on its limestone facade and with the more predictable weather of Mexico over the ever-changing climate of New Zealand, we can just imagine a stunning evening wedding on these grounds - soft uplights under the archways with perhaps some latte-toned chiffon draping only just peeking out from behind, floating candles and a light dusting of white avalanche rose petals among the lilypads in the ponds with luminaries creating striking luminescent patterns on the grass and marking pathways to small white raj tents housing perhaps a bar and daybeds for leisurely guest refreshments -  and inside, white tablecloths adorned with simple greenery garland runners with votive candles flickering among the foliage to round out the perfect summer evening celebration. 

While weddings have garnered the reputation of necessitating dramatic styling (which of course we love and relish the opportunity to create), sometimes, it's the simplest decor additions in an already striking venue that truly make the romantic atmosphere of such an already dramatic celebration. 

Image via: The Venue Report (@thevenuereport) 

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by Rhonnie Snelgar