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Behind the Scenes: Pastel Wedding Styled Shoot

Recently, we held an advertorial shoot at a private residence in Remuera, Auckland that showcased five different wedding set ups. One was a vintage pastel theme in the vein of a do-it-yourself style, another was a formal pastel style indoors watched over by the glittering antique chandelier, the next - a surprise scooter set up, the third, a picnic in front of the fireplace (since mother nature decided to rain on our outdoor set up) and the last, a bridal photography feature involving an antique chair and elegant white draping.

Friday evening, we began setting up at 6pm and worked all through the night stopping only for a 45 minute hammock nap in the venue's expansive kitchen. At 5:45am, our make up, hair and models began to arrive and at 7:30am we began shooting. The rest was a flurry of movement throughout the house, excited utterings, and hushed gasps at the beauty of our bride and the sneak peek photos springing up on the back of the photographer's camera.

It was the most exciting, enthralling, wonderful experience and we can't wait to share the images with all of you.

For the time being though, here's a behind the scenes look at our Harlow Garland March Advertorial Shoot: