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Behind the Scenes: Industrial Winter Styled Shoot

This shoot was by far our favourite yet and also our busiest. As well as sourcing the elements, we also created some ourselves, like the candelabra and votives made from copper pipe fittings, the floral arrangements, the hinge placemarkers and the handpainted favour cakes. 

We had a truly wonderful assortment of vendors for this shoot who were an absolutely pleasure to work with! 

Kate Little Photography was our first photographer with Flynn Gough acting as second shooter on film, digital and Polaroid. 

Robyn Munro from Inspired Hair twirled up a storm of follicle fabulousness on our models while Meagan Rawlings perfected the palette of our model canvases. 

The incredible gowns were once again supplied by Vinka Design- the absolute best in bridal couture. The suits were sourced from Munns (Lavinia at Botany Munns is your go-to girl for all things suits!) while the bridesmaid attire was sourced from Alannah Hill in Newmarket - garments, we're STILL getting compliments on from those involved. 

We sourced the chairs from The Great Hiring Co, the gold cutlery and festoon lights from The Pretty Prop Shop, those incredible dinner plates and angular champagne flutes from The Studio of Tableware and the rest we sourced or created ourselves.

Check out the behind the scenes pics below as well as our fabulous behind the scenes video by Aidan Rogers Videography!

Industrial Winter Styled Shoot

Harlow Garland
Harlow Garland

In an effort to inspire brides coming into the winter season, we sought to build upon a platform of greys and soft greens by introducing complementary industrial elements: antique light fittings, hinges, copper, pipe connections, and gold cutlery, focusing on the open palms at each setting. Vibrant red draping marks the ceremony space, lit delicately by the glow of the bulbs, and the assortment of unique blooms and dried flowers intermingled with moss-covered sticks lend grand texture and warmth to the sparse open space..

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Styling, floristry, custom props and shoot direction: Harlow Garland -

Photos: Kate Little Photography

Thanks to: Vinka Design, Ponsonby Central, Munns, Alannah Hill, Meagan Rawlings Makeup Artist, Inspired Hair, The Studio of Tableware, The Pretty Prop Shop, The Great Hiring Company, Create + Curate Design Studio.

Old World Winter Styled Shoot

Harlow Garland

Combining Mudbrick's old-world feel and our model's Macedonian heritage, we sought to evoke an almost Medieval opulence to inspire our brides coming into the winter season with a plentiful bounty of lush blooms in rich jewel tones, invoking the senses with touches of fur, brass, pomegranate and tamarillo, the roar of the open fire and the scent of mulled wine, accented by the classical Versace Medusa at each place setting.

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Styling & Floristry: Harlow Garland 

Photos: Angela Taylor Photography


Thanks to: Vinka Design, Mudbrick Vineyard, Munns, Island Beauty, Lindsey Lampert Hair and The Studio of Tableware.