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Honeymoon Venue: White Desert Antarctica

When considering an overseas honeymoon (or even a destination wedding), the venue selection can be rather harrowing with an entire world to consider. As part of our #honeymoonhumpday series, we're going to be bringing you a variety of venue profiles, honeymoon styles and tips every Wednesday to help you narrow your options down to somewhere truly amazing.

If you are wanting a honeymoon that is far from the ordinary, look no further than White Desert Antarctica – the most luxurious way to discover the worlds most southern continent.

With previous guests including Prince Harry, Bear Grylls and the Saudi royal family, it is no question that you will be provided with ultimate luxury and adventure at White Desert. To get there, take off from Cape Town on the five and a half hour flight journey to the White Desert camp. As you fly, experience the Antarctic Circle and pass through the 24 hours of continuous sunshine. White Desert offers three different types of adventure for you to choose from including 'Emperor’s and South Pole', 'Mountain and Emperor’s' and 'The Greatest Day'. Whichever adventure you may choose, it is best to get in early, they are often booked out years in advance!

On arrival at White Desert, you will be shown to the camp, which has six state-of-the-art ‘sleeping pods’. Each sleeping pod sleeps two people and offers peace and quiet from the windy Antarctic days. At six metres, they are expansive in size and provide you with a double bed, desk and en-suite. The pods have been designed in a way that exudes comfort. Enjoy fur throws, Saarinen chairs and antique wooden skis decorating the walls. The camp also comprises a kitchen pod and two custom-made tents which house the lounge and dining room. Here, guests are invited to relax and enjoy three course meals that have been prepared by White Desert’s award winning chef.

While at White Desert, each day the experienced field guides will propose an array of activities and excursions for you do choose from. This can include easy walks to different ice tunnels, or you can head further towards the coast where you can experience large ice waves. For something more relaxed, opt for a picnic or visit a local science base. If you are more adventurous, you can learn the art of rock climbing, abseiling or kite skiing.

As previously mentioned, White Desert offers three types of adventures. If you have chosen to visit the penguins, you will take a short flight to the astonishing Emperor Penguin colony. As they are unafraid of humans, you will have the chance to get within metres of the penguins and their chicks.

If your adventure includes a visit to the South Pole, you will be lucky enough to be one of the few people in the world to visit Earth’s lowest point. You will be able to explore the vast area for a true experience of Antarctica. The mountain adventure is an eight day journey which takes you into the incredibly picturesque mountains that surround camp. The Greatest Day adventure allows you to experience Antarctica in just a single day. During your 12 hours on Antarctic land, you will be given the option to choose from a number of activities including treks over cliffs which offer astonishing views and visiting beautiful ice grottos. In the afternoon you will return back to the Guesthouse to enjoy an outstanding champagne lunch to celebrate your astounding day.

White Desert is an extraordinary honeymoon destination and a once in a lifetime opportunity for any adventurous newlyweds.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Your wedding invitations are an important element in your planning process as they provide guests with vital information about your day. While creating your invitations there are some basics guidelines you should follow to ensure you meet wedding invitation etiquette. Keep reading for our top tips on everything wedding invite related to ensure you have the correct etiquette.

Save The Date

First of all, it is completely optional for whether or not you want to send out save the date cards to your guests although, it is a good idea to send them if you will be inviting guests from far and wide. Typically, save the dates are sent out anywhere between six and twelve months prior to the wedding – the more notice you give your guests the happier they will be, especially if you are having a destination wedding.

How To Address The Invitations

When it comes to addressing your wedding invitations, there are many different ways to do so depending on a range of different things, ranging from whether your wedding is formal or informal to whether your parents are divorced or remarried. For everything related to addressing your invitations head to our blog post which solely focuses on this for you.

RSVP Deadlines

Set your RSVP deadline for three to four weeks prior to your wedding so that you can give your caterer and any other vendors a final guest number. Keep in mind that you may want to set your RSVP date on your invitation to be a week prior to the date that you need them by to allow for any that you may receive late.

Registry Information

Some couples choose not to include their registry information on their wedding invitation or save the date because they feel as though is can come across like they are asking for gifts. Instead, many couples opt to tell their wedding party, parents and close friends where they are registered and then they can then inform other guests of the registry by word of mouth.

When To Send

Traditionally, wedding invitations are sent out to guests between six and eight weeks prior to the wedding day. This ensures that your guests have enough time to rearrange their schedule as well as make any travel and accommodation arrangements if they are coming to your wedding from out of town. If you are not going to be sending out save the date cards, you may want to send out your invitations at least three months in advance.

Thank You Notes

Many couples decide to send out thank you notes to their guest to show their appreciation for attending their wedding and for any gifts they received. Any thank you notes should be sent out with a sense of urgency, ideally within two to three weeks after the wedding.