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#Fridayflorals: Floral Walls

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The Floral Wall is a stunning work of art and decor and has a wide range of applications at your wedding, especially for a non-traditional wedding where there's no sit-down dinner and therefore, no need for centrepieces. It allows the flower-loving bride, the sense of being surrounded by flowers without needing to construct cookie-cutter arrangements to uniformly dress the tables.

While these images are mostly of photo setups, the floral wall, can proudly feature in many locations at your wedding venue. 

Ceremony:  Centre the floral wall at the 'I Dos' end of the aisle and you have a striking altar backdrop, allowing you to eschew aisle decor and even bouquets. 

Photo Booth: The perfect photo booth backdrop, the floral wall provides a stunning background for all those formal and candid shots taken throughout the day and night. 

Sweetheart Table: A table set up solely for the bride and groom instead of the usual bridal party table, the sweetheart table is usually on with an elegant focal point behind it, what better feature than a gorgeous, lush floral wall? 

Bridal Table feature: If you'd prefer to sit with the bridal party, the floral wall makes for an incredible feature, highlighting you as the bridal couple among the bridal party.

Food / Drink Tables: whether it's the buffet, the candy/dessert bar or the champagne bar, the floral wall makes for a beautiful feature background and serves as a guide for guests as to where to go for drinks or dessert.

Information or Signage Frames: Use a floral wall (or floral border wall) to highlight the Seating Plan, the Ceremony Programme or the Menu for guests to easily find and enjoy. 

There are so many applications for a floral wall and they don't need to be simply a standard wall shape or framed masterpiece, floral walls can travel horizontally over many metres or follow the aisle from floor to ceiling and parallel across the roof all the way back to the entrance - you're only limited by your imagination (and ours). 

While the majority of these floral walls are very flower heavy, the cost and style is really up to you to design. We love roses but sometimes they just aren't cost-effective given the size. A Hydrangea is almost double the price per head but covers an area almost four times that of a standard rose, actually reducing the cost. Why not try a greenery wall with feature flowers in strategic positions, drastically reducing the cost of blooms yet still delivering the feeling of being 'surrounded by flowers' that so many brides crave. 

Another alternative is to sporadically place single blooms for a more bohemian feel  or mix it up and create a succulents wall featuring gorgeous succulents and greenery in all manner of size, shape and texture. 

For a really budget-friendly option, there's the Paper Flower Wall - large flower heads are created using anything from crepe paper to metallic foil card allowing you to truly customise the look and feel of your floral wall at a minute fraction of the cost! This is the ultimate DIY and you can keep the flower heads as keepsakes long after - perhaps even featuring them in your new home together as a memory of your special day. 

The good news is that if you're creatively challenged or don't fancy doing the hard yards yourself, Harlow Garland can create any kind of floral wall with the greatest of ease and efficiency. - be it using your choice of paper or card or the freshest seasonal blooms and greenery. Our inhouse florists and stylists are completely in love with creating floral masterpieces, regardless of medium, made to order specifically for you and at a fraction of the price of other florists.