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Modern Day Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette has drastically changed over the years - especially with the rise of social media. There are many questions that the engaged couple and wedding guests can find themselves wondering. To help you, we have put together some of our favourite aspects of modern day wedding etiquette that we have watched develop over the years.

Announcing Your Engagement

When it comes to announcing your engagement, many couples find that now the easiest way to do it is via Facebook. Although, before you do this, we recommend telling your family and close friends either in person or over the phone. Your family and close friends will appreciate you taking the time to the share your exciting news with them first.

The Groom Can See His Bride Prior To The Ceremony

An old superstition says that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony. Today, many couples disregard this and take it as an opportunity to take photos beforehand. Photographers will often encourage this also because not only does it allow for more photos, but the brides hair and makeup will also still be fresh and flawless.

Guests Should Stay Off Of Their Phones

Whether or not it is an unplugged wedding, as a guest it is always best to stay off your phone. It is respectful to the bride and groom as they have invited you to celebrate their special day with them. Phones can also often get in the way of professional photos.

Sharing Pictures Of The Newlyweds

Today, it is common that the bride and groom will ask their guests not to share any photos of the day to social media. This gives the newlyweds the opportunity to post professional photos to social media first. If you are not sure whether or not you can post photos, it is always best to check first with a member of the bridal party.

Wedding Registries

Today many couples already have a home and everything they need prior to their wedding day, so a traditional wedding registry can often seem pointless. Instead, receiving money in lieu of a gift has become common. We recommend to always inform your guests of what the money will be going towards. Whether it is your honeymoon, a home renovation or even a charity.

Ceremony Seating

During the ceremony, traditionally the brides family will sit on the left of the aisle and the grooms family to the right with family sitting in the front rows. Although in today’s modern times, the trend of ‘choose a seat, not a side’ is becoming increasingly popular. This can be an especially popular option for more complex family situations.