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Honouring Your Children At Your Wedding


If you and your fiancé have children together, or if either of you have kids from a previous relationship, you will probably want to involve your children in the wedding in some way. Involving them can also make them more accepting of the combining of families and the changing of the family dynamic with the introduction of a new parent and sometimes sibling.

Here are some of our favourite ways to include and honour your children in your wedding to make them feel that little bit more special.

Have Them ‘Give You Away’

On your wedding day, it does not have to be your father or a parent that walks you down the aisle and give you away. Having your children give you away is a unique way to make your procession extra special and meaningful. This is especially a good option if your children are slightly older.

Give Them A Ring Or Necklace

Once you and your partner have exchanged rings at your ceremony, present your children also with a ring, or another piece of jewellery for them to also commemorate the day and the joining of the family.

Invite Your Children To The Cake Tasting

Inviting your children to the tasting of your wedding cake is a fun way for them to be involved in the planning process of the wedding – and one no doubt that they will love!

Make Them Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

One of the most popular ways for people to include their children in their wedding day is by having them be your bridesmaids and/or groomsmen and also be able to participate in different activities such as your bridal shower. This works especially well if your children are older. For the younger ones, it is always a popular option them as the flower girl or ring bearer. These are simple roles that your children will love.

Include Your Children In Your Vows

Mentioning your children in your vows is a simple way to make them feel included during such an important day. This is especially important if your children are younger and you want to ensure them that you are committing to being a family as well as husband and wife. This could also include officially adopting the child into the family with the signing of adoption papers.

Include Them In The Dress And Suit Shopping

Take your children wedding dress shopping with you or shopping for a suit with your partner. They will be happy that their opinion is important to you – and their honesty on your choices will be refreshing! It is also a great chance for them to pick out their outfits for the wedding too.