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Creating Your Wedding Registry

When it comes to your wedding day, your friends and families will want to give you congratulatory gifts. This is why many couples opt for a wedding registry – to ensure those gifts will be items that you actually need. But where do you start and what do you do if you and your partner already have everything you need?

Today, there is a type of registry to suit every type of couple, traditional as well as non-traditional. To help you get started and discover what type of registry is best for you and your partner, we have listed five types of registries for you to explore.


Firstly is the traditional wedding registry. Websites such as The Lovely Registry allow you to pick and choose gifts from anywhere online to create a registry that is personal to you and then share the registry with your friends and family via a personal URL and password. When creating your traditional registry be sure to choose carefully, you want items you know you will use in the years to come. It is also important to remember to choose items that vary in price to ensure there is a budget to suit each of your friends and family. Some couples like to combine a traditional registry with another registry, such as a charity, so give their guests an option.

The House Fund

If you and your partner wish to opt for a cash registry it is a good idea to have one with a designated purpose. That’s why, in today’s day and age many couples opt for a house fund. You can ask your guests, if they wish, to help with a deposit on a house, or even renovating the home you already have.


If you and your partner already have everything you could wish for, let your guests make a donation to a charity that is close to your heart in lieu of a gift. Having a charity registry is the perfect way for you, your friends and family to give back on your special day. When deciding on a charity, it is often good to select a few so that your guests have different options to choose from.

The Honeymoon Fund

The honeymoon registry is fast becoming one of the most popular wedding registry options. A honeymoon registry allows your guests to help with a donation towards your honeymoon – wherever that may be. Websites such as Travel Registry even allow your friends and family to choose which part of the trip they want to help fund. Whether this is the airfares, a romantic dinner or an outdoor adventure.

Make It Personal

For a wedding registry more personal, ask your guests to gift you with something that is meaningful to them. This may be their favourite movie or a framed picture of you together. This way, you will end up with an array of gifts that are more thoughtful than your traditional blender.