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Honeymoon Venue: Filly Island

When considering an overseas honeymoon (or even a destination wedding), the venue selection can be rather harrowing with an entire world to consider. As part of our #honeymoonhumpday series, we're going to be bringing you a variety of venue profiles, honeymoon styles and tips every Wednesday to help you narrow your options down to somewhere truly amazing.

Today's venue is Filly Island in the United Kingdom.

If you've ever watched 'The Holiday' - and let's face it, what girl hasn't watched it on repeat over the holiday season to see Kate Winslet discover gumption, shake off the messy ex and fall in love with Jack Black or to hear Jude Law with those incredible eyes and utterly wonderful accent tell Cameron Diaz he's in love with her - after what, a week? - but if you've ever watched it, other than for those things, you, like us, probably fell in love with the cosy wee Surrey cottage of Kate Winslet's character where Cameron Diaz goes to stay for the holiday.

A romantic, quaint, cosy epitome of everything you'd expect from the quintessential English hamlet with its low ceiling (too low) and size-too-small bathtub. That to us, is the ultimate romantic nook. Of course we love the splendid luxury lodges or even camping out beside the beach with our love (in fact, best holiday yet!) but if you're going to head away on a honeymoon (sans tent), a cosy cottage with its character and rich history, the smell of leather-bound books and the romance of spending a few days surrounded by beauty, beside a roaring fire with a glass of brandy, a good book and your love's arms encircling you in a loving embrace - sounds just perfect to us.

Our pick, is Filly Island in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Filly Island is a truly magical step back in time, from the quaint Saxon village where it's located to the small humpack bridge you walk to get there to the upcycled furniture and decor harking back to a simpler time, this cosy English cottage is just the treat you deserve. Filly Island began its life as a store for the cart which the neighbouring mill's horse dutifully pulled upstream in the 1700s. Today it's a mix of traditional English heritage and industrial elements, located on its own tiny island among this glorious village.

Located in South Cerney just three miles from Cirencester and one hour's drive from Heathrow airport, Filly Island site on a tiny triangular island between a millstream and the River Churn. Vintage elements have been upcycled to create truly unique furniture and decor, a labour of love by the owner.

The charming Cotswolds villages in close proximity offer splendid farm to table shopping and bakeries where the items are handcrafted with love and surrounding the villages lie stunning rolling hillscapes and glorious meadows to frolic in.

If you're lucky enough to visit in winter, you'll be greeted by the log burning fireplace, a cashmere hot water bottle cosy and waffle robe for each of you as well as the roll top bath tub to enjoy a long soak together.

The upcycled kitchen with its industrial influences is a unique backdrop for your romantic dining creations and the dining area and sitting room offer the perfect spot for those long chats with a glass of brandy, for reading a book together or talking into the wee hours.

If you'd rather not cook, the owner can provide catered meals to take the effort out of dining or why not venture out to find a dining experience that suits within the adjacent villages. Whether that's fine dining or good old British pub fare, there's something to tempt even the most discerning palate.

With so many cultural treats - the arboretum, the art galleries, medieval churches and village life, you won't be at a loss for things to do, though we wouldn't blame you if you chose not to ever leave this magical little haven.