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#Fridayflorals: Designing Your Wedding Bouquet

When considering the design of your wedding bouquet, choose blooms that are in season around your wedding date to save on costs.  Some exotic, out-of-season blooms may of course look incredible but necessitate international ordering and with it, import costs and associated taxes, busting your wedding budget before you've barely started. Seasonality is also paramount when it comes to roses, the price of which increases dramatically around the holidays, especially Valentines Day and Mothers Day. This also extends to construction wherein the tighter or fancier the arrangement, the more work goes in to it causing the costs to skyrocket so if you're on a tight budget, opt for more of a deconstructed bouquet rather than a tightly formed one. 

Another tip is to look at colour. The second you say 'wedding' and 'white' in a sentence to your florist, you're inviting higher than standard quotes, especially when it come to formal construction as white flowers bruise more easily and so the handling involved in formal arrangements is more likely to invite wastage as blooms bruise in the process. 

Consider filling out an arrangement with simple greenery or the addition of fruit or vegetables which complement the overall look. A bouquet of rosemary or olive leaf will look striking in a Tuscan theme whereas wildflowers, tamarillos and pomegranates make for a stunning European winter arrangement. 

Summary: Think seasonally. Pin many inspirational images in complementary styles or tones to get cohesion in the vision of your arrangement and refine the vision based on what will be available around your wedding date. Choose a loosely constructed or deconstructed style and be open to different variations of blooms and fillers to save on costs. 

Also remember that Harlow Garland can do your flowers for you at a lower cost than a traditional florist, offering you quality, professionally styled arrangements to suit your budget.