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#Honeymoonhumpday - Planning Tips

Part of the wedding planning process is of course, where you’ll go for your honeymoon and when – some couples wait weeks, months even years for a real honeymoon while others jet off the night of the wedding. Some head to tropical locations while others prefer a trip to explore foreign culture. Whatever your signature couple style and interest, there are many variations of honeymoon for you to explore.


If you’re both in the culture club, a city break will give you access to the best museums, fine dining, cocktail lounges and galleries your heart can take. The classic choices in Europe can be pricy but are always so worth it and there are always ways to keep costs down.

Take Paris for example - airfares can be bought inexpensively in advance and you can even make your honeymoon your gift registry meaning guests basically help you pay for it! Once you’re there, look to stay in the less touristy areas. Our favourite place to stay in Paris is actually down at the bottom of the Rue St Honore – far from the madding crowd and rife with tiny family-run restaurants, quintessential Parisian life and style and access to the entirety of Paris’ tourism offering without the flood of tourists and high tourist-induced prices.

Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro make for an experience of full cultural immersion and between the music and dancing, the mansions and gritty cafes, and of course the glorious Copacabana Beach (in Rio), these cities would make for an incredible experience.

US cities like Boston, Chicago, New Orleans or New York offer grand theatrical opportunities with New York’s Broadway shows and the jazz and blues scenes of Boston, Chicago and New Orleans offering an intimate and entertaining look at the grassroots American culture.

San Francisco offers a slower rhythm and more relaxing city break with the perks of the drive through Big Sur or the lazy trips to Sausalito and Monterey not far from the city.

Consider travelling in the off season when the prices are lower, the crowds fewer and your experience much less stressful.


If you’re the kind of couple who takes any chance to immerse yourself in the great outdoors, hiking, climbing and possibly even camping, an action break is just the ticket.

Imagine hiking the glorious national parks and canyons of the United States, hiking to Machu Picchu and seeing the Mayan temple, camping (or glamping) along New Zealand’s various hiking trails or heli skiing in the Alps – remember to keep an eye on the weather if you’re planning one of these trips because weather dictates whether you’ll be camping out under the stars or negotiating flooded streams on your action-adventure.


The easiest honeymoon to plan – whether you’re looking to toast on a towel or surf the waves, there’s a beach out there for you. While you can lounge on any beach, we love Bali for a tropical feel, or St Lucia for a more refined vacation. For surfing, head to Hawaii where you’ll find a wave size to suit or venture further afield to the beaches of Croatia to lounge on a lilo and sip cocktails in the crystal clear water.

Why not try an all-inclusive resort like Komune in Bali or a Club Med in your pick of locations around the world.


Drive the Pacific Coast Highway in California or classic Route 66 or closer to home, the Great Ocean Road in Australia– wherever you find yourself, renting a car and having the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, stop wherever you want because it’s entirely over to you.

How to travel? - if you’re in America, it’s got to be a convertible classic like a Cadillac or Mustang, if you’re in New Zealand or Australia, try a Volkswagen Kombi and if you’re in Europe, a campervan or something with a little heft like a van is likely your best bet considering the time and distance between cities.

Whatever style of honeymoon you're after, choose something that suits you both and your couple style. If you've been total homebodies your entire courtship but now are planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail with no training or insight - it might not go as smoothly as you've intended. Talk to your partner and ascertain what they envision for a honeymoon and land on something you can both get on board with (speaking of on-board - how about a cruise?) Talk budgets and look into the requirements for entry into your chosen country and ensure you're both 100% on the same page before locking it in.

Most importantly, have fun - enjoy it, forgive the little stresses and just revel in your newlywed status, hand in hand on the beach (or jungle or city streets).