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Deciding When to Marry

You're engaged! Congratulations! Now comes the intensive Pinteresting, haggling and organising en route to your big day! Some of you may already know exactly when and where you'll marry while others may be struggling to work out the best time, style and place - we posted earlier about the style decision, so how about today we chat about the when?

Tips from Harlow Garland:

  1. Try to visit venue options around the same time of day and year to really get an accurate view of what you can expect from the lighting, road noise and traffic, to be like on the day.

  2. If you’re planning on marrying outdoors, choose a bad weather back up as a contingency in case the weather turns unexpectedly.

  3. Saturdays are the most popular day to get married as it’s convenient for those who work full-time and for out-of-towners and also because there’s a day leftover in the weekend for most guests to recover after the big event. It’s also ideal if you’re planning on holding an après-wedding barbeque or brunch (which are gaining popularity), especially for those with a lot of out-of-town guests with whom they want to spend a little more time.

  4. Saturdays do tend to book up well in advance and there are two other weekend days to consider – perhaps a Friday afternoon wedding that runs late into the evening or a Sunday morning celebration.

  5. Weekdays are infinitely cheaper than weekends and you’re more likely to book your first choice vendors and save money, however it may be difficult for some guests to get time off work – especially if the event is out-of-town or quite a hike from their place of work.

  6. 43% of marriages occur in summer (Statistics NZ), which is naturally because of the slightly more predictable weather, the Bride’s penchant for backless or sleeveless gowns to match the wonderful summer heat and the higher availability of guests over the summer months.

  7. Don’t discount the winter months simply because of the cooler weather. Think Romanov inspired white weddings or candlelit / lantern-lit affairs by open fireplaces. You’ll also find yourself privy to off-peak discounts and an access to your first choice venue that is slightly more difficult in summer.

  8. Public holidays may seem a good idea from the outset but may also incur additional surcharges from suppliers. Also take into account that the price of roses will skyrocket around St. Valentine’s Day. It will pay to also check your year planner for family and close friends’ birthdays to try and work around them.