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The Big Day

Welcome to 2016! With wedding season now upon us, many of you brides-to-be out there will be fretting about the timing of the big day and how everything fits together. Below, we've outlined a sample timeline based on a 3pm ceremony.

Use this as a guide and adjust the times accordingly to suit your big day's festivities.

For the Ladies

7:30 Wake up. Eat a substantial breakfast, shower and put on a button-up shirt to prevent spoiling your hair or makeup. If your gown is strapless, don’t wear a bra.

9:00 Hair. Time your hair trial or allow for an hour each person, depending on the number of hairstylist plus any travel time needed.

11:00 Makeup. Allow 40 minutes for the Bride and each of the Bridesmaids. Flowers should be picked up or dropped off at some point in the morning by someone outside of the bridal party.
12:30 Lunch. Remember to eat as you may not have a chance to during the rest of the afternoon.

1:00 Dress. Once hair and makeup is done, the Bridesmaids should put their dresses on before helping the Bride into her gown.

1:45 Photos. With parents and Bridesmaids

2:20 Bride, her attendants and parents depart for ceremony (based on venue being 30mins away)

2:50 Bride, her attendant and parents arrive at ceremony

For the Gentlemen

9:00 Wake up. Shower, shave. Eat a substantial breakfast.

12:30 Lunch. Remember you may not have a chance to eat the rest of the afternoon

1:50 Depart for ceremony venue

2:20 Arrive at ceremony venue to greet guests and check everything is in order

The Wedding

3:00 Ceremony. Your celebrant should be able to give you an indication of how long this will take, usually about 20-30 minutes. Allow an extra 15 for unexpected delays.

3:45 Mingle with guests and have photos with family members.

4:15 Wedding party photos.

5:45 Reception. Bride and Groom arrive

6:00 Dinner and speeches – before or directly after entree

8:30 Cutting the cake

9:00 First dance

12:00 Bride and Groom depart