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Bridal Survival Kit

hot by Kate Little for Harlow Garland

hot by Kate Little for Harlow Garland

When it comes to your wedding day, it is best to plan for all scenarios. No matter how thorough your wedding day itinerary is, small glitches can often happen. That’s why we have put together a wedding day survival kit, to help your special day go by without a hitch.

Whether your updo is falling out or your lipstick is wearing off, we have rounded up the bridal wedding day must haves to help keep you feeling and looking your best! Collect these essentials into a cosmetics bag that colour coordinates with your wedding theme and hand it over to your maid of honour for safekeeping and emergency touch ups throughout the day. This survival kit can also be the perfect gift idea as a bridesmaid to the bride-to-be.

Lipstick – First and foremost to have in your survival kit is your lipstick (or lip gloss). On your day there will be much talking, eating and drinking so having your lipstick on hand is vital for many quick touch ups.

Perfume – Having a miniature or sample size of your favourite perfume on hand is perfect in order to quickly freshen up throughout the day.

Bobby Pins And Hair Ties - Bobby pins and hair ties will be your saving grace if your updo starts to come undone or if you decide you need your hair out of your face for all the dancing at your reception.

Blister Plasters – Keep on hand blister plasters in case of any unexpected blisters. To avoid needing to use them, we recommend wearing in your shoes around the house prior to your day to ensure they are comfortable.

Tissues – Your wedding day will no doubt be full of happy tears – especially when it comes to speeches. Keep a travel size pack of tissues on hand to wipe any tears away and avoid any running makeup.

Face Powder – A good face powder is a must have to keep on hand for any fading of your makeup or perspiring. Face powder is especially important if you have if you oily skin to help keep your makeup looking fresh all day and night long.

Hairspray – Keep a travel-sized bottle of hairspray on hand to keep your hairstyle fresh and perfectly in place throughout the day – hairspray is especially important if you are donning a chignon or updo.

Compact Mirror – You wont want to be leaving your guests every couple of hours to go to the bathroom and check your makeup, so keep a compact mirror in your survival kit for on the go touch ups.

Panadol - What could be worse than getting a headache on your wedding day? Keep panadol in your survival kit for any unwanted aches or pains.

Comfortable Shoes – In case of aching feet, bring with you a pair of comfortable or flat shoes for the reception – you will thank yourself for it!