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Choosing Your Wedding Style

Photo by Kate Little for Harlow Garland

Photo by Kate Little for Harlow Garland

Your wedding style is how your wedding feels, looks and how it is defined. Having a style in mind for your wedding is important because it will be included in many parts of the wedding such as designing your invitations, choosing a venue, your décor and many more aspects – as well as making these decisions a lot more simple. When deciding on the style you want to follow for your day, you may feel extremely overwhelmed by the options. One main thing to think about when it comes to this is how you envision your day. From whether it'll be indoors or outdoors to whether it is casual or formal.

To help you find the perfect style for your wedding day, we have listed five of popular favourites.


It is no surprise that the vintage wedding style continues to stay strong. There is something about the way antiques can add such charm and uniqueness to your day. If you are opting for a vintage styled wedding, you may want to include family heirlooms, black and white photographs and antique silverware into your décor.


Thanks to Pinterest, rustic styled weddings are becoming more popular than ever. If you wish to channel a rustic wedding, you may want to select a barn style venue. When it comes to your décor, think nature inspired with branch details on your tables and gorgeous glowing lanterns are a definite must.


If the beach is you and your partners favourite place to be, you may want to opt for a beach styled wedding. If your wedding is situated on the beach, with the beautiful backdrop, a lot of the styling has already been done for you. You may want to add simple touches such as shells intertwined in your flower centrepieces or a ceremony arch made from driftwood.


Romantic styled weddings are simple to create and are always popular thanks to their pure beauty. If you want to create a romantic styled wedding you will want to have a copious amount of flowers and candles. Candles can work magic and are a great budget friendly décor element while flowers add life and exude romance. Another way to add ultimate romance to your wedding day is by launching sky lanterns, fireworks or even leaving your wedding via a sparkler send-off.


Last but definitely not least is a Winter styled wedding – one of our personal favourites. When it comes to winter styled décor the possibilities are endless, think the likes of pinecone place settings and cosy fireplace features. You may want to provide mulled wine and have a basket of blankets on hand for your guests to keep warm. For more Winter wedding inspiration, head to our Industrial Winter Styled Shoot blog post .