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Tips For Creating Your Post Wedding Thank You Notes

Image by  Danielle Bohane  for a Harlow Garland Bride

Image by Danielle Bohane for a Harlow Garland Bride

After your wedding, one of the most important tasks you and your partner will need to complete is creating and sending out your thank you notes. A thank you note is the perfect way to show all who attended your wedding and gave you beautiful gifts your genuine gratitude. Wedding tasks like these can sometimes be very overwhelming – what should the notes say? Who should you send them to? To help you with the process, we have crafted our top tips and advice for creating and sending your thank you notes.

Be Organised

To make the process of creating and writing your thank you notes easier, it is essential that you are well organised. It is best to set up a log sheet where you can write out all of your guests names, addresses and phone numbers. It is also here where you can write down any gifts you may receive next to the persons name. This will ensure when it is time for you to write the cards, you will not miss anyone and you will also have all your gifts logged.

When To Send

Ideally you would want to send your thank you notes immediately after your wedding day or receiving a gift. Although, as this is always a busy time, it is best to send out your thank you notes within three months after your wedding day. This will give you and your partner a chance to personalise each note that you write.

Who To Send Them To

You should send thank you notes to anyone who gave you a gift, anyone who helped on the day and all that attended your wedding – it is important that you don’t forget anybody! This should include your parents and your wedding party - they will greatly appreciate your gratitude. Some couples also decide to send thank you notes to their vendors. While this is not necessary, it is nice to if you feel that their service was outstanding.

What To Say

Your thank you notes do not need to be long, as long as shows your appreciation. For sending thank you notes to people who attended your wedding, ensure you thank them for attending – especially if they travelled a distance. If someone gave you gift, it is best to recognise what the gift was and say why you appreciate it. If you received money for a gift, it is nice to include with your thanks how you are planning to spend the money. Keep in mind that you should hand write your thank you notes and always make them as personal to the recipient as possible.

The Signing

Make sure to end your thank you notes with a warm closing that also reflects the relationship that you have with the recipient. For close friends and family you may want to choose “With love”, “Lots of love” or “Love and thanks” followed by your names. For work friends or any friends of your parents you may want to opt for “Sincerely”, “Gratefully”, “Warmest Thanks” or “Yours Truly’.