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Not Your First Wedding?

A second or third wedding is a bride's real opportunity to come closer to expressing her true self. Essentially, when it's not your first wedding, you're better able to convey your own self-expression through location, style, theme and colour - whatever feels right to you.

While your first wedding is often more about other people - especially your family's wishes or traditions - chances are, you've developed your preferences to a far greater degree and feel more secure sticking to your guns.

Second weddings are an opportunity to do what you really wanted to the first time. You know what worked the first time around and what didn’t. You know that this time, a small, intimate ceremony may be far more elegant and meaningful than the first wedding or perhaps, this time, now that you’re in a better financial position than you were at your first nuptials, you can really go all out and incorporate the luxuries and details you weren’t able to include in the previous wedding.

Is It Okay To Wear White?

Yes! When it comes to attire, you call the shots. If you want to wear a traditional white wedding gown with all the fabulous tulle and satin trimmings, go for it. The stigma of the white dress hasn't applied to brides (even first timers) for a very long time. Choose a gown that feels right to you - whatever colour or style that may be.

Registering For Gifts

Is this appropriate? Absolutely. You might already have the fine china, silver and crystal categories covered, so consider registering for "fun" gifts—camping equipment, electronics or set up a honeymoon registry so that guests can contribute to the costs of your honeymoon travel.

Your Marriage Licence

In general, the same application process you followed for your first marriage applies to your second, with one exception: You'll need the divorce decree from your previous marriage, or, if you're a widow/widower, a copy of your deceased spouse's death certificate. The new license cannot be issued without these important documents. Call the Department of Internal Affairs: Births, Deaths and Marriages if you’re unsure on the specifics. You can however still get married before the divorce is finalised as we've done many times, however it won't be legal until the above procedure has been followed.

Married...with Children

It is important to involve your kids from a previous marriage in your wedding to show them that the two families are joining as one. Most children will jump at the chance to be a flower girl, ring bearer, junior bridesmaid or groomsman.Giving them these roles will make them an integral part of the event. Trust your children with important responsibilities like greeting guests, handing out wedding programs or favours, and pointing family members out to the photographer. Have your children join you at the altar, and exchange personally written vows that emphasise "new family" themes.

Remember that this is still your big day, this is an opportunity to celebrate the love and union of between the two of you. Just because you've been married before, doesn't diminsh your groom's overwhelming love for you nor his desire to see you in that gown walking down the aisle, thanking the universe that he gets to marry you. Celebrate your love and that you've had the courage to invest yourself again. Whether you choose a more intimate celebration with only close family and friends or you opt for a more lavish affair than you could afford the first time around, don't hold back. A second wedding is no less significant than your first and in fact can be more atune to your personal style without the pressure of family and tradition.