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Wedding Myths

Your wedding day will probably be one of the most important days of your life and most couples get caught up in traditions and myths long since past their use-by date. To help make your wedding as unique as you are, we have crafted together the top wedding myths you shouldn't believe:

Your wedding day is all about you and your fiance.

Of course, your relationship is at the heart of the wedding, but it is also a very special day for your loved ones; family and guests. They have supported you throughout the relationship, been there in the good times and the bad, so making them feel appreciated during the planning process and the day is important. Balancing your own ideas and need with those around you will make for a smooth track to the bring the amazing bride everyone loves.

You have to spend a fortune

With advice coming from everyone and everywhere, it can often feel like every part of the wedding day comes with a worrying size price tag. Overspending can be easy when you find all the perfectly wonderful extras that you love and will look great on the day. But making sure you take plenty of time to figure out priorities, necessities and extras can avoid going over budget. Allowing enough time to work through the budget can prevent this.

Every tiny detail must be perfect

Wedding days are seen as the day where everything has to be perfect to ensure all guests are happy - if it’s not perfect, everyone will notice. This ideal becomes something that is impossible to reach. Chasing the idea of a dream wedding with everything done perfectly can be exhausting leading up to the day. Most guests won’t notice if all the table candles are matching or the aisle isn’t perfect with fresh flowers. Time spent on the bigger picture will reflect how happy the bride and groom will be.

Stick to wedding traditions

In this day and age, wedding traditions are slowly being phased out. Of course, some couples wish to remain traditional as their parents and grandparents once were, but ‘should’ stick to tradition isn’t a must. The bride’s father walking her down the aisle, the groom should have only male groomsmen, the bride must wear white….. These are long history traditions. If this is a choice you and your future husband want, of course - go for it. But brides shouldn’t be tied down to a traditional if it doesn’t feel right. Make the day your own and maybe set your own tradition.