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Tips for Dress Shopping

For any bride, finding the perfect dress is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. But having a plan of attack rather than just hitting the shops can save a lot of time if each one is ticked off.

That’s why we have put together a list to finding the perfect dress to make sure it goes without a hitch, and you come away looking and feeling stunning.

Forming the budget

Talking about the budget should be one of the very first steps in planning a wedding. If you know the limit, then it is much easier to stick to. Otherwise, you’ll be shopping around, wasting time looking at dresses outside the budget.

Budgets can obviously differ from each couple to the next, but there are many factors that all couples have to factor when deciding: will you buy a brand new dress, get it made or find a pre-worn gem, what accessories will go with it such as a veil, shoes and jewelery.

Research time

Some woman know the gorgeous dream dress they will wear, and have so for many years. But for others who aren’t as prepared, set time aside to flick through magazines, Pinterest and wedding blogs for inspiration.

If this is done before going into a store, the search may be easier than going in with no direction. But bearing in mind, each dress looks different on every woman, so single out a handful of the most stunning dresses during research and have a rough idea before hitting the bridal boutiques.

However, the old saying goes, the dress you chose is one you never would have thought of.

Know the wedding date, style and venue

Certain dress lengths, styles and fabrics can depend on which season the wedding will be in, where it will be held and what the theme of the wedding day is.

A beach wedding will call for a different style to a traditional church wedding ceremony. Knowing these details, or having a rough idea can narrow down dress shopping styles as well as ensure that you look the part on the day.

Mark it on the calendar

It may sound straight-forward, popping into a handful of bridal boutiques with girlfriends and pulling out the perfect dress. But time is key when looking for a dress. Leaving it to the last minute to find it will only stress you out with the rest of the wedding to plan is not what any bride wants.

Marking days on the calendar in which you know you and a few girlfriends will be free to go shopping is vital. Leaving it last minute won’t allow for any fitting, ordering delays or alterations. It also shouldn’t be rushed, looking and feeling amazing on the day is important, and the dress is the key to that. So having dates to work to cane put that time pressure at ease.

Shopping support

Dress shopping can be a special time for a bride and her bridesmaids as well as close friends and family. Not a large group of support, but having those with you who you know have a great sense of style and will be honest has to be a weight off your shoulders. However, there is nothing wrong with going along on the first shopping days before getting second opinions on your favourites. Enjoy

Lastly, the moment you find the dress that you fall in love with and look and feel amazing is is the best feeling. So enjoy the experience.