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Everything a first-time bridesmaid needs to know

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A wedding day can be just as nerve-racking for the bridesmaid as it is for the bride. To each bridesmaid the pressure of the role will vary, but if it’s your first time, making sure you do all the right things at the right times can be daunting. So for every first-time bridesmaid there are a handful of things to know ahead of the day:

Offer out your strengths

As we all know, planning a wedding can be time consuming and the bride will need her bridesmaids to help. So when it comes to offering up your skills, put your hand up for a task that you know you can nail. Whether it be planning bridal showers and hen’s parties, or helping select colour palettes for the bridesmaids dresses, know what you can do. Follow our suggestions to help make your bridesmaids duties on the day a breeze.

Follow the bride’s lead

You have been dreaming of the day when you would be a bridesmaid to your best friend, but it’s her special day. So if she chooses a dress, colour, or song that isn’t your cup of tea, bite your tongue because you’re there to support her through.

Prepare for wedding emergencies

Any type of wedding emergency is that last thing the bride or groom need to deal with on their big day. That’s where the bridesmaids step in. While you are there to support the bride, help with make-up and dry her happy tears, you don’t know what event may unfold that you will have to resolve -- guests could be causing havoc before the ceremony or the brides sister hasn’t arrived yet. So be prepared for the unexpected because the bride will turn to you for help.

All bridesmaids should be happy

A happy bunch of bridesmaids will make for a happy bride, so making sure that you all get along will be key.

Knowing the guests

You may not know all of the bride and groom’s friends and family, but making the effort will pay off on the day. There’s always that one family member that doesn’t get on with the other, so study up and be there to resolve any issues if they arise.

Keep a close eye

Having your wits about you may save the day. During the night, just keep an eye out in case something were to happen between guests or that dinner will be served late -- the last thing the bride and groom would want to deal with.

Gift Ideas For Your Bridesmaids And Groomsmen


Many couples buy gifts for their bridesmaids and groomsmen as a way of thanking them for being such a big part in their wedding day. From engraved purses to flasks and Bespoke by Harlow Garland’s very own gift box range, here are some of our favourite gift ideas to show appreciation for your bridesmaids and Groomsmen.


Bathrobes Bathrobes are the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. For a summer wedding, opt for a shorter silk robe, or for a winter wedding choose a long cosy robe. The good thing about bathrobes is that you can all wear them as you get ready together for the big day.

Jewellery Jewellery is another great gift idea for your bridesmaids as it is something that they can keep and wear forever. Whether you opt for a bracelet, ring, necklace or even a watch, your bridesmaids will be sure to love it.

Engraved Purse Engraved purses are the perfect option as you can tailor different styles and colours to each of your bridesmaids and having them engraved with each persons initials are the perfect touch of detail and. The Daily Edited do a gorgeous range of bags, pouches, wallets and many more, which can all be engraved.

Bespoke By Harlow Garland Curated Gift Box Bespoke by Harlow Garland offer a range of curated gift boxes for any occasion. For your bridesmaids, you may want to opt for the Grace Box. Filled with an assortment of nourishing and relaxing treats such as Harney & Sons tea, Burt’s Bees hand cream and Butler’s chocolates.


Engraved Hip Flask For your groomsmen, an engraved flask is the perfect gift idea. They can be discreetly tucked away into their pockets ready for the night's toasts. Having them engraved adds a touch of personalisation and difference.

Cufflinks Cufflinks are a great gift option as it is something that they can wear on your wedding day. Like flask, opt to engrave them with each persons initials to make the gift more personal.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers Portable Bluetooth speakers are a gift that any type of groomsmen would be happy to receive and one you can be sure they will all use for many years to come.

Bespoke By Harlow Garland Curated Gift Box Bespoke by Harlow Garland also do gift boxes for men too. For your groomsmen you may want to opt for the Best Man Box. Compiled of quality items including a hip flask set, Minim playing cards and organic chocolate. For groomsmen that appreciate taking care of themselves, the Downtime For Him Box is the perfect option. It includes, face cream, linen wash cloth, a shaving brush and much more.