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Choosing your Wedding Theme

A wedding theme as we've previously discussed, is not a necessity, the only thing you need to factor in is 'Rhonnie's rule of cohesion' (a rule our director speaks passionately about.) but if you will opt for a theme or you need help working to that rule of cohesion, we have put together a list to make sure you both choose the perfect theme that reflects you both. Right from the start, it is good to have an idea of what your wedding vision is. This can help with planning from the beginning and avoid any finer details issues.

The season

Knowing what season you want to be married in can help with the colour palettes, flowers and venue. If you have always dreamed of being married in the summer where guests can use umbrellas to shade from the sun, or in the winter where a large fire can warm the reception area for guests. Choosing the right season can have an effect on many things such as venue bookings and weather. Just like any part of the wedding, but organised is key.

The couple

Because the wedding is celebrating both the bride and groom, drawing on something that you both share can make your day even more special and individual. This could be anything from something simple like a favourite colour you both share, to your favourite restaurant or a hobby that you both love. Whatever it is, it can be incorporated through the table settings, props for photos, colours and even dresses and outfit.

The wedding venue

Venues can be seen as inspiration for other details of the wedding. Sometimes it is best to have the wedding venue decided before taking the next steps, it is easier to work with it rather than not. Similar to choosing a season, once a venue is chosen, the colours and additional features fall into place so they can compliment the venue.

Personal connection

Having a culture that is close to both your hearts, whether is be a religion, tradition, or even a language, drawing on that can be a powerful addition to the wedding. This can be drawn on anywhere, from the ceremony style and vows, to the type of food or outfits. Culture can be a visual impact such as colours and flowers too.


Once you have chosen, or even just thought of, a theme, research. Making sure you have the right food for the right theme, or the correct phrase from a religious reading can be vital on the day. You don’t want to look foolish for using the wrong details within the theme of your perfect day.

How To Customise Your Wedding Day

Image by  Danielle Bohane  for Harlow Garland Bride, Ria

Image by Danielle Bohane for Harlow Garland Bride, Ria

Your wedding day will probably one of the most important days of your life and most couples want their day to stand out from the rest. Adding details to your wedding day that are customised to you and your partner is the perfect way to make your day more special and unique. To help make your wedding as unique as you are, we have crafted together our top tips for customising your wedding day.


Monogramming is the perfect way to personalise many aspects of your wedding day. Design a custom monogram of yours and your partner’s initials, which can be put on to different items your wedding. Try adding your monogram to your napkins, menu and even your favours.

Have A Meaningful Menu

Having a menu that is meaningful to you and your partner is a thoughtful way to personalise your day. Think of what foods you like and what kind of restaurants you like to go to together. If neither of you have a sweet tooth, why not have stacked cheese wheels instead of a traditional tiered cake?

Include Destinations You Love

Adding elements of décor to your wedding that reference different destinations that have meaning to you as a couple is the perfect way to symbolise different memories that you have created together. Instead of having table numbers you may want to name each table a different destination that you, your partner or even your family love or that has a special meaning to you.

Have A Custom Drink Upon Arrival

Similar to having a meaningful menu on your wedding day, a great way to greet your guests upon their arrival is with a customised drink that you and your partner have created. Choose flavours that you both love, give it a unique name and present it beautifully. Your guests will love the effort that you have put into this.

Cake Topper

A perfect way to customise your cake is by having a cake topper that is unique to you both. Wooden script cake toppers are becoming increasingly popular. Try having yours with your initials or your new surname as husband and wife. For a take on the traditional bride and groom cake toppers, have one created to look like you – you may even want to have them dressed in a way that shows your interests and hobbies.

Photograph Place Cards

If you are having a smaller wedding you may want to collect photos of you and your partner with each of your family and friends. Frame these photos to suit your theme and use them as place cards on each of your tables. This is a perfectly unique and personal décor touch compared to traditional place cards –and it is something that your guests can take home with them!