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Planning Your Dream Wedding Cake

Dessert buffet from this  Formal 30th Birthday Reception

Dessert buffet from this Formal 30th Birthday Reception

For many couples, planning your wedding cake is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. Despite this being an exciting process, there are many aspects that can become difficult decisions. Who will bake your cake? What flavour will it be? What will you decorate it with? Here is our advice to help you plan your dream wedding cake.

Research Different Bakers and Cake Styles

Firstly it is best to research a variety of bakers as well cake styles so that you can understand what you like best and who can provide you with it. Keep in mind that different bakers will be best at different styles of cakes.

Make It Cohesive

When planning what your cake will look it is important to consider the rest of your wedding and to make it cohesive. Think about your weddings style and theme, as well as your venue. For example, if you are having a rustic barn wedding you may want your cake to be iced in a “naked” design and decorated with blooms that match your bouquet and flower arrangements with details of twine.

Buttercream Vs. Fondant

Whether you ice your cake with buttercream or fondant is completely up to you and the style of your cake. People often find buttercream to taste more delicious while fondant is more firm, so it can be easily stencilled or moulded into shapes. Keep in mind some bakers will prefer to work with buttercream while some may prefer fondant. When choosing the colour of your icing, we recommend that you opt for a colour that is dominant in your wedding colour scheme. Alternatively, decide on white icing and add pops of your colour scheme through your cake decorations.


Besides looking beautiful, you also want you cake to taste amazing! To decide what flavour, or what multiple flavours, you want your cake to be, it is best to have a cake tasting with your baker so that you can determine which you like best. Do not be afraid to stray away from the more traditional flavours, like fruitcake and chocolate, and opt for something more exciting such as white chocolate with raspberries or banana with salted caramel.

Decorating Your Cake

There are many beautiful ways to decorate your cake. Again, we recommend to opt with something that is cohesive with the rest of your wedding. This could be fresh blooms, sugar mouldings, elaborate piping designs, or basically anything you desire. Don’t forget to also add a cake topper if you wish. You may want to opt for the traditional bride and groom or a more modern wooden script topper with yours and your partner's surname.