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Bridal Shower Planning

Photo by Kate Little for Harlow Garland

Photo by Kate Little for Harlow Garland

Compared to a hen’s night, the bridal shower is a much more elegant event. In today’s modern times it does not always have to be the maid of honour that plans the bridal shower. It can often be the bride’s mother, sister, a close friend or even them all together. If the planning of the bridal shower happens to fall on your shoulders, we have put together a basic planning guide to make it that little bit more simple for you.

When To Have It

Typically, the bridal shower takes place two to three months prior to the wedding day. Any closer to the wedding than one month the bride will possibly be too busy with last minute wedding planning to enjoy herself. Always be sure to communicate with the bride to ensure a time and date that would suit her best.

Who To Invite

When it is time to create the guest list, it is always best to communicate with the bride to see who she would like to invite. Keep in mind that the people who are being invited should only be people who are also invited to the wedding. Sometimes brides are lucky enough to have more than one bridal shower thrown for them, in this case you may want to invite different people than those that have already been invited to another one. Although, it is best to always invite the bride’s mother, future mother-in-law, sisters and sisters-in-law.

Where To Have It

Where the bridal shower is held largely depends on your budget – and sometimes even your theme. Some people choose to reserve a space in a restaurant while others opt for a backyard event. If you are having the bridal party at a restaurant it is best to book it in as soon as possible to ensure your reservation.

Have A Style And Theme

It is important to decide what theme and style you wish to have for the shower. Whether it will be a brunch affair, cocktails, a sit down dinner or even a group activity. Group activities are becoming increasingly popular, such as a cooking or painting class. A theme and style also ensures the shower is cohesive, by the likes of colours, décor and even packaged favours for the guests.

Keep Track Of Gifts

With the bridal shower comes a lot of gift giving and the bride will often want to send out thank you notes to each person. To make this easier for her, it is a good idea for you (or to assign someone) to write down the name of the guest and what gift they gave to her. At the end of the shower you can then present this list to the bride – she will definitely be thankful for your help.

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