Adelina Photography
Adelina specialises in taking relaxed and natural portraits and seeks to find the beauty in the everyday. She loves to find that
'je ne sais quoi ' that women don't recognise in themselves and bring it out through her exceptional photography. She also
offers her services for editorial styling.
021 176 8357

Lene Photography

Lene Photography is the namesake of Lene Friesen & her husband, Victor who have been photographing weddings since their own wedding, six years ago. Their style is whimsical and romantic and lends the photos a vintage, ethereal feel that emulates the same enchantment you experience on your special day. The duo have travelled throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and now New Zealand, offering brides the world over a classic and elegant memory of that one magical day.

Danelle Bohane

A popular choice for brides and a regular feature among the pages of Magnolia Rouge, Danelle's ability to capture light and the most romantic, evocative images is a rarity and an astounding feat. Her portfolio reads as a veritable who's who and has received mass attention from blogs, magazines and sites worldwide.

Kate Little Photography

Kate's eye for detail and striking signature style makes for incredible photos. Her special talent for incorporating light into every image enhances each one with an ethereal glow that illuminates the focal point – whether it be an object or a bride in her incredible bridal gown. 

Victoria and Alex Mitchell  Videographers

Victoria and Alex are the perfect creative duo for your wedding or event. They have such an ability to pick up on the idea you're imagining and bring it to life in such a way that it feels perfectly on the same page and even elevates that to something superior to anything you could have envisioned. They are near invisible during the event and yet manage to capture the event as if they were fully immersed in it.

Contact: Victoria Mitchell